Friday, October 10, 2008

Good Morning Blog-world!

It's morning. I have lots to do. Yes, it's the perfect time to write a blog.

When Dave gets home from school around 10:15 a.m., we'll be leaving our house and driving up to Duluth for Jim and Aimee's wedding. Dave's the best man in the wedding (of course he's always my best man), but this weekend he has the honor of being Jim's best man too. Too much packing and things to do and not enough time. The wedding will be fun and I'm looking forward to dancing and having a weekend away from home!

Otis and Cooper are being separated for the first time this weekend. Otis went to Becky's house last night. Becky called me and asked what she should do to get him to stop yelping and sitting in front of the door. Poor little guy! In a little bit (after I pack, wrap the present, finish the accident report and get the kennel in the car), Cooper is going to my parents' house. Cooper doesn't know what to do without Otis. Good thing they're only apart for a couple of days.

You probably read "accident report" and thinking "What happened?"

Well, on Wednesday some old lady t-boned Dave and I when we were trying to meet my mom, sis, aunt, uncle and cousin for lunch. My cousin Ben is/was home from China for a couple of days to fix his visa issues, so we were looking forward to hearing about his job and life in China.

So we were crossing an intersection when our light was green and stayed in our center lane the whole time. The lady was turning right at the same the same time as us. She needed to make a quick left after her right turn...and didn't look straight ahead in the direction she was going...and ran straight into us as she crossed through our center lane. A big Cadillac crossover SUV caught the corner of my eye...I look right, scream, and the thing runs right into my door. Then she kept hitting the gas and moved our car, wrecking all the panels on our passenger side. So we had to have the police come and everything. All in all, it was a good reminder to count my blessings. Everyone was ok (even the two elderly people). Our car is still somewhat drivable. We had good insurance and the insurance company has been really great. We only suffered $3,500 in damage. So that's all I got about that one.

Here's one other thing that's kind of funny. Ashley and Loralai and the NC Balows were in my dream last night. We were on a family vacation at a really fancy place right on a body of water.


  1. ummmmm, wherever that fancy place is - take us THERE :)

  2. Sorry about the accident, gald you and Dave are OK.Have fun at the wedding, and don`t forget to take some pics.

  3. I am glad that no one was injured in the accident.

    I look forward to hearing about the wedding!


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