Monday, October 13, 2008

The Fisher Wedding

We're back from our weekend in Duluth for Jim and Aimee's wedding. It was fabulous! We stayed at Mike's house and he had the weekend off of work too. I really enjoyed that he was able to come to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, because I got to have two dates...and I also had a friend to hang out with while my husband was doing Best Man stuff.

Friday after the rehearsal, we had dinner aboard one of the Vista boats. It was my first time on any sort of boat on Lake Superior, so that was a fun experience.

Saturday was the big wedding day for Jim and Aimee. Aimee is a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz. They had an instrumental version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow during the prelude. Aimee even had ruby red slippers for some photos after the ceremony. And when she was taking those pics outside, guess what appeared!? -- A rainbow. It was pretty cool.

The reception was super fun. After saving the day (getting the poem Dave wanted to read during the speech printed), Dave gave an awesome speech. Also, Dave and I were in a dance-off. We should have won, but we ended up getting 3rd place (out of three teams)....not sure how we got jipped (or maybe I just have a misperception that we're good dancers, we're really Dave also had to play some game and strut his self around the dance floor like he was a model on a catwalk. Matt had to play the game too...except he had to be a ballerina...and Matt won. There was a lot of dancing and hanging out with lots of people we don't get to see enough, so it was really awesome...and we stayed until the end. A good night out can't end without Taco John' we got that too! (Why can't the TJ by our house be open after midnight too??)

Here's a bunch of no particular order, b/c I'm too lazy to fix.

Me and my dates. I'm sure Mike and Dave have some prom pics in this same exact

Aboard the Vista (and our only pic of the two of us from the weekend) :(

Jake, Mike and Dave.

The wedding ceremony. Isn't Dave doing a great job??

The drive was beautiful. I don't remember the last time seeing leaves this amazing. (And the pic is from the car while we're driving, so the pic doesn't 100% capture the beauty.)

Matt playing ballerina.

Dave playing model. Doesn't he look good??

Mr and Mrs James Fisher, Jr!

Here's the rainbow. Can you see it?


  1. YEAAAA! These are great!! You guys looked so good at the wedding...I love that you had 2 dates..haha. I remember that "model" look Dave had...too funny. I can't wait til you guys get down here...I miss you!!!!

  2. Only 71 days til you get here :)


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