Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don't forget Gracie!

The forgotten Balow! Gracie! It's probably been a year since I've last mentioned her in my blog, but she's still part of the Balow Bunch. I am actually very proud of what a great cat she's become in the last two years. She used to get so stressed when people came to our house. She would hiss and would stress until she puked. Especially when people she didn't males visited our house. In fact, this is the first time that I didn't take her to my parents house when Anthony has stayed at our house. But Gracie did awesome! No puking. Very little hissing. She let Anthony pet her and I never saw her hiss at him. On Sunday, we had 40 people at our house over the course of the day. Gracie hung out in our bedroom. She just chilled and did great.

She does seem a little confused about one thing now. She was kicked out of her room, because that's where Mary slept (we keep a baby gate in the doorway for Gracie's room, so she can get away from the dogs and have her own space). So yesterday, when I cam home she wasn't hanging out in her room like usual. She burrowed into one of the drawers in my dresser. It was cute so I grabbed a pic before she jumped out.


  1. And Gracie only jumped on me once in my sleep ....well, that I noticed anyways..haha

  2. Cats are so lucky- they can make beds out of anything!


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