Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pup or pig?

Cooper is having an identity crisis!

Today we went to the dog park and let the boys go swimming in the watering hole. Cooper runs in, dunks his head into the water, runs out, and collapses on the sand/dirt rubbing his back into the ground.

Just like a pig rolling around in the mud.


Then Cooper met the hose.


  1. our black dog, frances, acts like a pig sometimes, too. only she normally sniffs the ground and when she finds her spot...she rolls. and normally, her spot is a lovely spot where something disgusting had laid and died. oh my lord how that dogs stinks after she rolls in the filth. it smells like she rolled in day old terd. piggy dogs ;)

  2. Funny!!

    Our dogs (even prissy little shitzu's) also love to roll around in the dirt. I think they think they are cleaning themselves, however it never loks that way when they come in!


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