Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not for me: Living in a sod house

All right, so I'm not not only fascinated by Native American culture, I am fascinated with the life of the American Pioneer. That's probably pretty evident as I've dragged just about every person in my family to Murphy's Landing! Remember my recent excursion with Katie, Mary and Anthony?

So I'm reading the book, The Children's Blizzard by David Laskin. It's about a huge blizzard in 1888 that hit the prairie so suddenly and so fiercely that it killed thousands of children as they walked home from school (and other people too).

I've only just started the book, but it honestly describes the hard live pioneers lived. Most of them were poor, they worked long hours farming land in a climate they didn't understand, they lived miles a part from one another, and often had to deal with disease and hunger. It wasn't the quaint picture I had in mind after years of watching TV shows like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Little House on the Prairie that romanticized the Pioneer Life.

And then I read the paragraph about the sod houses pioneers lived in. Not only was it basically a hole dug into the ground, but gopher and snakes would sometimes pop through the walls when they were burrowing.


Sometimes you just have to be thankful for the modern conveniences like houses built with concrete, wood, and vinyl siding that keeps those creatures out of homes where they DO NOT BELONG!


  1. I have noticed that you do not like snakes..is that true?

    When I think of sod houses I think of those little potato bugs being all over the place!

  2. see now, i have a problem with water bugs (ie: roaches. because: we live near water) popping their head up and walking around my house. if i had to live with a snake in my house, i'd freak out. God knew that i was a wanna be pioneer lady and so he gave me a healthy piece of ground to grow some tomato plants ;)

  3. Yeah, snakes are probably the species I despise the most. I've been caught off guard one too many times when snakes dare to enter my presence.

    I don't like roaches much either. I brought one home in my suitcase when I visited NC when I was a kid. lol.


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