Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cooper Joe!

Cooper Joe enjoys his b-day present!
Today, my youngest baby turns 1-year-old! Coincidently, I took the day off work, so I'd have an extra day to relax before I start my new job tomorrow! So I relaxed with my boys and we celebrated Cooper's b-day by doing the things dogs like to do best.

We went to the dog park! I had to do a couple of errands before we went to the park, so we went to the Starbucks drive-thru (ok...I guess I didn't have to go there.) The Starbucks lady gave Otis and Cooper treats as I got my drink. Then we went to the drive-thru at the bank. And once again, the dogs got treats. As usual, the boys loved running around at the park. The weather was marvelous -- no clouds, upper 70's, low humidity. There were two different families that each had three Siberian Huskies, so that was fun to see a whole pack of Huskies.

Later today, I had to run some errands without the dogs. For some reason, Super Target doesn't let dogs go to the store. I got Cooper a b-day present (and of course, I got something for Otis to be fair). They're currently enjoying their pork rawhide rapped with duck. They're chewing as if it's their first rawhide ever. I guess this is their first one ever that's wrapped with duck. Luck boys.

On another note -- did you see the men's swim relay win gold last night? It was so exciting!


  1. Happy Birthday Cooper! Anthony & I miss snuggling with you and Otis!

  2. I should start bring the dogs through more drive throughs! Treats! Happy Birthday Cooper!


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