Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Love

Cooper is almost one year old.

He's still a little baby in his momma's eyes.

But he thinks he's old enough to have a girlfriend.

And he thinks he's old enough to go over to his girlfriend's house all by himself.

And invite her to come out and play.

Here's the story.

Saturday night, Dave and I got home around 10:30 p.m. and promptly got the dogs outside for one last chance to do their business. As always, the boys were excited to see us and so we didn't put them on their leashes, because we knew that they would stay along beside us.

But Cooper had a different business plan in mind. His girlfriend, Lily (a jack russell terrier), lives nearby the area where we take them out. Coops did his 'business' then ran over to Lily's front door. We called him to come back. But he stayed sitting next to her door. He even pawed at the door, which got Lily and her parents up to see who was there. It was Cooper! Lily's parents let her go out, so Cooper and Lily could have their play date. And they lived happily ever after!*

*For the next 10 minutes until his curfew...when he had to say goodbye and go home to go to bed and have sweet dreams of his little girlfriend.


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