Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Just like my previous post predicted, our holiday weekend was really busy...

Some of the highlights:
  • Canterbury Downs was a ton of fun. I even got lucky and won a couple of races. There were a lot of picture taking, but none with my camera. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will email me a couple good ones (Andee!). The fireworks that night were absolutely amazing. Definitely rank among my top 3 firework shows. And I definitely want to go back there again!
  • Lake Calhoun. We met up with Angela, Matt and Jack (their dog) at Lake Calhoun. Dan was already there and hung out with us a little bit. We brought Amanda with us, and she got some special time with just her and Uncle Dave and Aunt Jenny. She told us that she is done with preschool and is worried about Kindergarten. Her exact words: "The problem is...that I am afraid my teacher is going to yell at me." (Emily had a bad experience with her Kindergarten teacher...the yelling wasn't directed at Emily...well, at least I don't think so...but it didn't make for a positive experience for her).

  • BBQ at the Miller's. We had good company and good food. And I know my countries in East Asia (apparently except for China). Rachel made us take the ninth grade geography final. It was actually pretty fun, and I did surprisingly well...except for Africa.
  • Powderhorn Park. Following our annual tradition, we went to Powderhorn Park for fireworks with my nieces and a couple of their friends (and all their parents too) and Rachel and Deborah. The weather was gorgeous and the fireworks were pretty good too.

  • Nap #1. Saturday went differently than anticipated. No yoga and no lunch at my aunt and uncle's. Instead I took a wonderful nap.
  • Nap #2. Apparently, my first nap wasn't good enough. I followed up with a second nap a couple of hours later.

  • Taste of Minnesota. Actually, this was a low-light. The food was just fair food (misconception I had b/c I thought it was supposed to be good restaurants in MN showcasing their food)...and it was way too overpriced. But the fireworks were great there....right over the Mississippi River.
  • Twin's game. Sunday the Twin's came back from behind to win the game! Of course that was fun.


  1. I love blogs. I love being able to "see" what you guys did this's so fun. Makes it a tiny bit easier to not live so close to you guys (just a tiny bit though :))

  2. Nice to see you made time for naps :)

  3. Hmm...Jenny...2 naps in one day? That sounds like the 9-month track, if you get my drift. ;) Did you go to book club last week? I heard it was awesome!

  4. lol. Not the 9-month track. More like my 26-year track. I'm just lazy!

    Yep, book club was great! Katy Jo really had the Asian theme going on. The next one is going to be at my house. Hope you can make it!


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