Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bathroom remodel, part 1 (We're done! Hooray!)

After the mess from peeling of the tape that resulted in a ginormous area of peeled off paint, we've finished our first part of the bathroom remodel. I am very pleased with the color and the yet-to-be-replaced gold light fixture actually looks much better now. The gold doesn't stand out quite so much anymore!

Here's the before an after pics.

First a re-cap. Here's the hideousness that we had to deal with when we first moved into our house. For real, who would paint their walls gold. (Ok. The answer is obvious. The walls were painted gold to complement the gold light fixtures and faucets. It's a master bath after all -- who wouldn't want to bathe in a bathroom full of great goldness!)

Well, Dave and I didn't want to bathe in a bathroom full of great goldness. So when we moved in, the walls were painted a light gray/blue color.

Then a year or so later, we bought a new shower curtain. Since then, I've been itching to repaint the walls to better match the curtain. Here are the results! Enjoy!

Otis likes the new bathroom!


  1. That is looking really great!!

  2. I Like it.. I like it a lot.
    I know three people that are looking forward to seeing that bathroom in person. Wish I was coming with them.


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