Monday, July 14, 2008

Feedback from camp...

Today I picked up the boys from camp. (Dave and I went to Chicago this weekend to visit Erin and John, which I'll blog about soon!).

Cooper Joe did fantastic! This time he didn't just follow his big brother Otis around like he usually does. In fact, he played so much with the other dogs that he got to go play in the room with all the big dogs (i.e. labs and golden retrievers). This is a big step for Cooper because....1) he always, always follows Otis around...2) he was separated from Otis for one of the first times (besides being in his kennel at home) since he was became part of our family....and 3) he usually is scared of big dogs. But apparently he liked playing with the big dogs and did great on his own.

Otis on the other hand...apparently, our little guy gets separation anxiety when the 'camp counselors' leave the room he's in. He has this nice high-pitched yelp/bark he uses to make sure it's known he doesn't appreciate being left that I'm sure the workers just love. lol. But luckily, he is loved and spoiled at camp. The counselor that checked the boys out today said Otis got to follow her around all day instead of staying in the room.

Now the boys are sleeping! And will be for the next two days!

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  1. I love it!! Feedback from dog camp is similar to feedback when kids first start preschool :) They tell us who plays with who, what rules they follow etc.


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