Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cooper Joe's First Hair Cut

Today, the boys went to the groomers. It was Cooper's first visit to get trimmed up (usually we wash them at home). The report from the groomers? The boys were perfect. They were a little scared, but did really well.

Otis and Cooper couldn't wait to take their photo so they could share with all their blog fans. They even cooperated with me and let me take a decent photo. lol.

Can you tell that they're extra handsome today? Their coats are freshly washed, trimmed and brushed!


  1. They were getting cleaned up for Anthony's visit right? haha

  2. They are very handsome!

    I am also amazed that we are given reports that Lucy and Roxy are so well behaved at grooming...yet when I do it I cannot get them to stand still. I guess they do better with strangers!


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