Monday, March 10, 2008

The training officially begins...

I completed my first training run for the Gary Bjorkland 1/2 Marathon. I only had to run 2 miles, so I tried to run fast. My goal this year is to obtain a personal best time of 2 hr 13 min. -- that shouldn't be too hard. All I have to do is run 10 minute miles or better, and that's done. My big audacious goal is to be done in less than two hours. I have no idea how I can run that far with a 9 minute per mile pace, but that's basically what I'd have to do. Today I ran my two miles between 9 and 10 minute miles. I guess if I follow the training program and if I keep pushing myself to run 9 minutes miles, then I'll be able to do it. A lot of actually comes down to staying motivated to train consistently through the race. And I guess, whatever happens, just finishing three half-marathons is a pretty big accomplishment...

No turning back now!


  1. Good Luck! You will do awesome!

  2. I remember you guys saying you were never going to run again after the 1st half you've done 2 and training for a 3rd, plus DJ for a whole...I think ya'll are addicted :)

  3. It must be an addiction, I agree Katie!!

  4. I know, you posted this on Monday, but I am a little slow on reading other peoples blog. I just wanted to say Good Luck, and hopefully someday Dave, you and myself will need the same miles and we can run together.


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