Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Day at The Park!

Today was a beautiful spring day. Knowing that tomorrow it's going to snow, made today's spring weather all the more precious. Krissy called and wanted to meet me and the boys at the dog park. So the boys got to do what they hadn't done all winter -- one of their favorite things to do -- go to the dog park. The dogs had so much fun -- running around, herding the other dogs, herding Krissy, running around, sniffing dogs, running around. Well, I think you got the idea. In case you don't, here's some pics from our day! I even snuck some of the boys together when they weren't looking...


  1. It was a beautiful day today- I think we hit 50! The boys did go out bike riding for a little while.

  2. Yeah, I heard that you guys are supposed to get up to a foot of snow today. That's insane!! YOU NEED TO MOVE :)

  3. the last pic of you is cute w/the boys...

    what? a foot of snow?? that's just crazy talk...

  4. Yeah, that is crazy talk! One weather guy said 5-7 inches, another station said one said a foot.

    It's definitely falling now though...but at least it waited until I made it to work. We probably have 1 inch so far...

    At least it's still March...the second snowiest month of the year...if it was April...I'd have some issues!


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