Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm going to state!!!!

Today I was elected as a delegate to the 2008 Democratic State Convention! Woo woo!

We had our Senate District Convention today. It was a long day. Very long. At the end of the convention, you elect the state delegates. You have to do this thing called a sub-caucus. Basically, everyone divides into groups based on the candidate and issues that they like best. The number of delegates is divided up between those smaller groups on a proportional basis. My sub-caucus elected one male and one female delegates, and one male and one female alternate. It was pretty competitive, because basically everyone wanted to go to state. All the people trying to get chosen as a state delegate had to give a small little speech about why they wanted to be chosen. Yes, I who hate public speaking. I did it. And I got elected! It was super exciting. Although I do have to thank my mom, because she was in the same sub-caucus as me and at the end of her speech, she said she'd withdraw but wanted people to vote for me, her daughter.

My sister, Becky, got elected last weekend as a delegate from her district convention. It'll be awesome to go with her to the state convention. Rachel's is in a couple of weeks and I hope that she gets to go with us!


  1. Jenny,

    Am so proud of you for taking your civic duty to this level and for your dedication to what you believe in.



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