Monday, March 10, 2008

The Monday Morning Blahs...

It's Monday morning. I'm back at work. I don't have any motivations to actually work quite yet. My Outlook is being ridiculously slow at updating this morning, so I can't get through my emails without it taking a minute or two to show the actual email.

My weekend was good, and as usual, went by too fast. We spent all day Saturday at the Senate District Convention. And I mean, all day -- from about 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. After that, we went to one of my favorite restaurants. A little local place called "The Lake House Grill." From the outside it doesn't look worthwhile. It's in a plain concrete building, attached to a bait shop. In fact, my parents would not go there for a long time based on its outside appearance. I finally convinced them to go, and we all enjoyed it. Dave and Dad had the prime rib special. My mom had a rack of ribs. I had a Cajun spiced-crusted walleye with sweet potato mashed. Yum!

Sunday was a really nice day. I got caught up on the dishes and the laundry. Well, almost all the laundry...but for the first time in a while, we don't have baskets of unfolded, clean clothes all over our bedroom. All the clean clothes are put away! For lunch I met Rachel and Bobby at Figlio's for Happy Hour...$2 drinks and apps. I had delicious mini-burgers. After hanging out with them and catching up with what's new in Rachel's and Bobby's world, I headed over to my sister's house. Becky and Emily were at a class, so I hung out with Steven and my Amanda, who's been sick for a while. It made me happy that she still wanted to see me. And it's kind of nice to hang out with my niece when she isn't jumping all over the place with excitement cuz your there. She just sat on my lap for a while, she showed my her coloring journal, and we ate some chocolate. It was lo-key and nice. Then I had to head home, so Dave and I could go run. I was awfully proud of Dave today. He had to run his longest distance yet...6 miles. I could tell he was really pushing himself because he kept bumping up the speed faster and faster. Since he had to run so far, I decided I should run a longer distance too. So I did 3 miles. The Gary Bjorkland 1/2 marathon training program officially begins today, so I don't have to run 6 miles for a long time. I was pleased with my run, considering I felt dehydrated the whole time. We went home and Dave made a scrumptious dinner. Then we just relaxed the rest of the evening...trying to savor what was left our weekend...but ultimately unable to stop the hands of time...and now here I am on a Monday morning...back at work...

There you go -- a long and quite boring post, with all the details of my weekend. Hope you have a good week!


  1. Am so proud of you HEALTHY BALOW's from Healthy Grandma Balow!!!

  2. I found that one hour spring ahead really put a rush into my weekend. Who knew that one hour could make such a difference!!


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