Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter & Emily's B-day

Here's a bunch of photos from today's Easter and Emily's B-day party...

Emily's is in the middle and Amanda is on the right. Zoe is on the left. She lives across the street from my sister's house and her family came over for the day.

Amanda found a lot of eggs during the Easter egg hunt.

The girls all helped decorate the watermelon cake I made for Emily's b-day.

Emily's all set to blow out the candles. She got them out in one breath, which means no boyfriends until after college.

Amanda with her Auntie Rachel.

Emily with Auntie Jenny

El Arbol Generoso is the present Emily received from Uncle Dave and me.

Now I know why Emily always sticks out her tongue for photos. She gets it from her Dad. Be sure to check out all the hula hoop videos of everyone trying to hula. They are Stevie-snort-out-loud hilarious!

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  1. Hillarious! Great pics...I've got to get mine up today from the Easter Egg hunt too....

    Ellen was learning to hula hoop on her show the other day so these videos cracked me up....


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