Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

"They cut me down and I leapt up high,
I am the life that’ll never, never die;
I’ll live in you if you’ll live in me;
I am the Lord of the Dance, said he."

That's for Rachel, because they didn't sing our favorite Easter song today in church...And for everyone else, "Happy Easter!!"

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday with their family. My husband has to work at Home Depot today. I think they should make a rule -- if the grocery stores are closed for a holiday, every retailer should be closed. But I guess I don't make the rules.

Lucky for me, I have two things to celebrate today -- Easter and Emily's b-day. This afternoon, we're going to Becky's house for dinner and to celebrate. I can't believe my niece is 7! Hopefully, I remember my camera today and I'll take some photos. I've been bad at that lately. I didn't even take one photo in Duluth.

Anyway, over the weekend, I did take photos of two things.
First, on Friday, Dave and I have a little routine going. After work, we go to the gym and run. Then we head over to Cub and get groceries to make dinner and also get a movie out of the Red Box. This last Friday, we made tortilla pie. It looked pretty with all the layers, and it tasted pretty good too.

Then yesterday for the second day in a row, I woke up to it snowing outside. Yes, happy spring in Minnesnowta!


  1. Snow? What's that?!? :)

    What movie did you get out of Redbox?

    Happy Easter - we missed you guys!

  2. Snow is magic.

    Water frozen = ice.
    Water melted = water.

    Snow is a crystalized, magical form of water, somewhere between frozen and melted. And you know you miss it!

    We rented Elizabeth this week. It was pretty good. Although I fell asleep, b/c I always do!


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