Monday, May 12, 2008

A week of celebrations...

The last week, our family had quite a few things to celebrate. First, it was my birthday. Then it was Mother's Day. And today, it is Dave's birthday. We celebrated our birthdays by going to a Twins' game. Here's the last week in photos for you guys to get a better picture of what we did to celebrate ourselves. lol.

Cooper helped me blow out my b-day cupcake.

Otis and Cooper looking to see who came to vist.

Mike and Dave at the baseball game.

Aimee and Jim at the baseball game.

Bryan, me, Krissy and Andee at the baseball game.

Jacoby's up to bat. He plays for the Red Sox, and I know him because he's friends with my roommate from PLU.

Cooper Joe at the dog park. I think he needs sunglasses! Poor guy was squinting in the sun.

Coops and Otis checking out some dogs on the other side of the park. Look at how much Cooper is than Otis. Although Otis is definitely still the Captain at our house! ;)
Dave just got home from school. Hurray! So that's the end of this post!


  1. Looks like you guys had fun - I love the pic of Mike and

  2. What a fun week!! (It also looks like Cooper was not helping blow out the candles, but waiting for a bite ;))

  3. All right, Gigi. You got me. I was trying to make Cooper look like a good boy, but yes, he was wanting a piece of my cupcake. But I didn't let him get any!!!


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