Thursday, May 15, 2008

Home alone....AHHHH!!!

Tonight's my first out of three nights for being home alone. It's strangely quiet. Me at the computer with the itunes on. The dogs downstairs...I can hear them chewing on rawhides. I really hope that's what they're chewing on.

lol. I'm so used to trying to stay awake at night until Dave gets home from work, so it feels really weird to be up and know that I don't have to stay awake and I can go to bed anytime...yet my body feels like it needs to fight to stay up until Dave gets home.

I actually had book club tonight. It's been several months since I've class this last semester happened to fall on the same night of the week. It was fun. Those girls make me laugh so much, which was really needed after my long day at work. I would have been miserable if I had just been at home.

I think the blog post ranks as my #1 boring post. Hope you're not too bored. At least it's short.

Tomorrow's Friday!!! Hurray!!!


  1. I totally understand the feeling of fighting to stay awake until the hubby gets home. It's been two months since I had to worry about that, so it was weird Wednesday night when he didn't get home until after 11:00!! But enjoy going to bed early...get lots of sleep...cuz as soon as you add kids to the mix, that pretty much goes away!!

  2. Diana somewhat stole my comments- enjoy the peace while you can...when Matt goes on the fishing trip, it is crazy busy for me!!


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