Sunday, May 18, 2008

Run for the Ribbon

This morning was the Run for the Ribbon 10K for the MN AIDS Project. All in all, in went well. It was a bit chilly, but that made for some great running weather once the race started. My dad and sister Rachel ran the course with me along with our new Pastor Joy (she starts in June) and Nancy from church, and Oleg, who is an exchange student that lives next door to my parents. My mom came and cheered us on. The course went up three miles on the trails along the Minneapolis side of the Mississippi River, and went three miles down on the other side of the river in St. Paul. The two best parts of the race?? One was finishing in under hour (58:40) and crossing the finish line with Oleg. But even better was watching my dad finish with Rachel. My dad was cheering with his arms in the air and chanting cadence ("We are the Turtles, the mighty, mighty Turtles") (The Turtles was our team name.)


  1. Good job!! Did you make your $75??

  2. Sound like it was fun and for a good cause!

  3. Oh, I was going to mention about the donations then I totally forgot!!

    I missed my goal by $20 :(

    But there were a couple of people that donated to my team instead of just if you add those together, then I made it.

    And thanks to all who donated to my run!! AIDs education and awareness efforts are better funded today because of our contributions! I promise to donate to your causes in return.

  4. holy crap, jenny! i just googled "run for the ribbon 10k" looking for some pictures and race results and your blog came up. i wish i had known you were there. my friend, becky welle (i think you've met before) and i ran the 10k. i signed up last minute on saturday morning. did you see me finish in 2nd place? becky ran around 47:00, good for 5th place female, she thinks. i have my free iPod coming through my friend, nick schrott, who works for the MN AIDS project. crazy stuff, j!!

  5. wow! i am impressed with your time - and that your dad ran. that is so cool! i love it - we are the turtles! :)


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