Sunday, August 2, 2009

My first pet

Me and Aussie.

My first real pet. Aussie. A beautiful cockatiel. She's the first pet I had besides fish (which generally only lived a couple of hours at my house). She passed away today. She was 15. She always chirped when people came home or when the phone rang. She did this cute little dance in her cage, moving her head from side to side. Her biggest accomplishments were the couple of eggs she laid.

In my parents' old house, there was a 2-story living room. She didn't really like to come out of her cage. You'd have to grab her and put her on top of it. Sometimes she would fly up to the upstairs. She'd always chirp when after she landed -- as if surprised at what she could do. My bird's no longer confined to her little cage. She can sore now.


  1. Oh prayers for your little one.

    How adorable is that picture! I feel for ya, I used to have a Parakeet and he was pretty much the best pet I ever had. And I had a lot of pets! Birds are fantastic creatures.

    Maybe your bird will find mine up in heaven and keep each other company :)

  2. I am glad Aussie had a good life here with you and your family!

    On Sunday, I was just discussing the loss of pets with a couple of friends and the effects they have on us! Pets are such a wonderful addition to our lives!


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