Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009 -- a special day for our little pup

Cooper Joe turned two today! In honor of his b-day, we took a family walk. On the walk, we saw Lily, Cooper's girlfriend. She denied him today -- too busy looking for a squirrel that ran away. You all may think I'm crazy for saying my dog has a girlfriend, but Cooper was literally whimpering when Lily wouldn't come over and sniff him! But it all turned out okay, because we saw Otis' girlfriend Lexie, who was excited to see both Otis and Cooper. And we met a new puppy -- a little American Bulldog 14-week pup named Chaos.

Cooper's grown up so much from the little pup we first met almost two years ago.

The two little dots on his nose has grown in, but he still has the white front-right paw that we like to call "Reebok."

Here's Cooper chewing his birthday rawhide. Less than a minute later, Otis stole it.

Dave and I had lunch together today at Tavern on France (yum!). We discussed Cooper's personality. Here's what we think about Cooper.
  • Cooper's pretty laid back at home where he feels secure. He doesn't mind when Otis hoards the toys. He loves his home best and loves just lounging around and sleeping.
  • While he likes to lounge around most of the time, he's always up for play time. Just glance his way and quickly dodge your shoulders and he'll wag his tail and play chase.
  • He's protective of his house and family. This is partly because he's just a big scardy-dog and acts tough to try and scare people/things he doesn't know.
  • He's so lovable. Cooper's loved by everyone in our family. Gracie the cat enjoys playing with Cooper so much more than she does with Otis. Cooper likes to give love too with lots and lots and lots of kisses.
  • Cooper looks up to his big brother Otis and follows Otis' lead. Just like the "My Buddy" jingle from the 80's, -- "Wherever he goes, I'm gonna go."
  • Treats are the key to Cooper's heart. And "intruder" just needs to give Cooper a treat, and they'll be great friends. He loves ice cream too and licks it so politely.
  • He doesn't realize how cute he is. He doesn't realize that strangers stop their car to tell me he looks so happy. He doesn't realize that strangers are always saying he's so beautiful. He doesn't realize that he melts my heart everyday with his cuteness (and that's probably a good thing, because he doesn't realize how much he could get away with!!)
I love you, Cooper Joe! Happy Birthday, baby!


  1. What a beautiful dog! It's amazing how dogs can steal our hearts, isn't it?

  2. It's definitely amazing how dogs can steal our hearts. They give life to our home. I'm not sure what my husband and I would talk about if we didn't have the dogs!

  3. It is nice that he does not let all the cuteness praise "go to his head!" :)


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