Friday, August 21, 2009

The good and the bad...

As I mentioned in the previous post, we went camping* last weekend. The camping trip had a lot of highlights and lowlights. Let's recap.

Camping is good when it's Cooper's first camping trip ever!

Camping is bad when Cooper eats a corn cob (yes, the actual cob) and pukes all night long in our tent.

Camping is good when we eat kabobs and poor man dinners.

Camping is bad when it rains half the time.

Camping is good when Otis accidentally jumps off the dock and has to swim.

Camping is bad when there is a BAD thunderstom while we're underneath a tall pine tree in a tent and we see lighting touch the ground nearby in the wood and the thunder makes us all jump (don't ask me how your body can go airborn when you're in horizontal positioin, but it happened).

Camping is good when there is a bean bag tournament and a scavanger hunt tournament.

Camping is bad when you lose in the bean bag tournament in the first round.

Camping is good when you're enjoying the company of friends, family and a dozen dogs (ok, 7 dogs).

*Sorry no pics! Our camera is still broken...and will be until we buy a new one. :(


  1. Girl you are so silly. I love reading your posts..and thanks for the pooper visuals in your last post..haha....luv u guys and miss u!!


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