Thursday, January 15, 2009


There it was. It was standing in the back row so proud -- sparkling under the warm November sun like a diamond in the rough. Its metallic body was calling my name. Love at first sight.

Or so I thought.

That Audi A6 was the car I had been dreaming of for so long. Running my hands along its smooth leather seats, the touch proved the dream was real. The car was going to be ours -- its navigation system, integrated phone, heated seats, Bose sound system and all.

Long story short. The dream soon turned into a nightmare.

Electrical problems. Engine problems. Leaky problems. Headlight problems. Battery problems.

All in a matter of weeks. As fast as I fell in love with the Audi A6, I fell out of love. Distrust and dislike -- okay -- hatred soon became my feelings toward the beast.

From the outside, Dave and I looked great driving around in that automobile. But on the inside, we were frightfully worried about what drama the car was going to cause next.

So Dave and I went back to the car lot. And there under a mass of snow stood a car. As we scraped off the snow, a healthy red complexion revealed itself (happens to be our car color of choice). Put the keys in the ignition and its engine immediately purred to live (when it's -5 degrees that's a good sign). The most realistic car on the lot. "Sold," exclaimed Dave.

Goodbye, Audi A6. Hello, Chevy Impala.


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