Monday, January 12, 2009

He's a Maverick!

Today is Dave's first official day of class at Minnesota State University. And that makes him a Maverick. A Maverick! Ya Betchya!

lol. And I think that may be my new nickname for him.

He's actually been accepted there for sometime now, but since the school is an hour from our house he's been going to a community college closer to home. But he's closing in on finishing the degree, so he's at a point where he has to be on campus for the rest of the time he's in the program.

I am so proud of Dave for continuing his education. I know it wasn't easy for him to become a student after getting out of the army. And I know it isn't easy that he has to work full-time and take classes full-time simultaneously. During each semester, he goes months without having a single day off. And it's never easy to transfer schools.

He works hard, and he'll finish school soon enough (and I'm looking forward to a big graduation party!). Although I'm sure there are many days when he'd rather take the 'easy' way out. To just work full-time and not have to worry about homework, tests, commuting, buying books and a special school computer (stupid school requirements). But we have a couple of goals in our life. The biggest goal we have is to be parents (to human kids in addtion to Otis, Cooper and Gracie). As part of being parents, we want to be able to provide a financially stable environment for our children. And by working hard and Dave working on completing his degree, we'll hopefully be able to provide that (although I guess it's never guaranteed!). And we want to be good role models too. It's challenging at the moment -- but long-term, we know our family will be better off. The hard work and perseverance will pay off.

As Dave drives to school today, I hope he knows how grateful I am to have a husband that works so hard for his family. I know I never say it enough! I am so thankful for his priorities and his work ethic and the love that he has for us.

And it's snowing lots today -- so pray that he has safe travels!!!


  1. I am so happy for you and Dave. You really have it planned out the right way. alot of young couples do not do that and they get in trouble right away. keep up the good work, Tell Dave I am proud of the both of you>> after all it takes two people working together to accomplish it all. Don`t give up you are almost there.

  2. Yay Dave!

    I was a Maverick for awhile too. :) If you ever need to crash here instead of driving in the crazy snow, give us a call!

  3. I am very proud of you both. Dave for doing what needs to be done, and you for your love and support. Family is the most important "thing" there is in our lives. Mary & I have never had much money or things, but we have always made our family our first priority. I gues that is why at just about 34 years of marraige we still like to be together as family.
    I love you two.
    Be well, stay safe and may God bless you both.


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