Friday, October 8, 2010

36 weeks + some days

This whole being nine months pregnant, work full-time and get ready for baby thing is exhausting. So you'll have to excuse my lack of blogging. And it's not even that I have a lot of stuff going on -- well, this week I didn't have a lot going on -- it's just that by the time I get home from work the only thing I have energy to do is changing the channel on the remote as I lay on the couch.

This week we had our 36 week appointment. Boo must have had a bit of a growth spurt as his measurements were right on track for how far along we are. His heart rate is still great at 136 bpm. My platelets were tested and increased!!! So now my anxiety about delivering Boo without being able to get an epidural has decreased significantly. The doc also did the first check to see how I'm progressing towards labor -- and the results -- I haven't really started making any progress. But that was pretty much what I was expecting. I still feel fairly comfortable, can still sleep, etc -- and I figure if I'm still feeling this way, the little guy inside me is probably feeling the same way. So I wouldn't be surprised if I'm like my mom and go past my due date. Which is okay with me because....

Dave got a new job!! He just started this week. He has to go out of town soon for training and won't be back until 10 days before Boo's due date! So we've already started lecturing the kid about how he needs to stay put for two more weeks.

Last weekend, my mother-in-law, both sister-in-laws and my youngest niece came into town to throw my a baby shower. We had a great time. The shower was beautiful. Beforehand, I couldn't fathom how they were spending so much time in NC planning it when they had to fly up here...I knew they couldn't bring a lot of stuff up with them on the plane. But once I walked into the the party, it all made sense. The details and decorations were amazing! There will be pictures someday for me to share. And of course, I couldn't be more blessed with all the family and friends who literally showered us with gifts and love. It's amazing to me how many people already love our little boy and are so excited to meet him.

During their trip we also went to a Twins game, apple orchard and Katie did a mathernity session for Dave and I. Here's a link to the sneak peak on Katie's fan page. If you're not a fan already, while you're there, "like" her and leave a comment!


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