Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Thinking back of Halloween's past, there is one that sticks out in my mind. It was 1991, and we had a huge snowstorm. I remember trecking through huge amounts snow going from house to house for trick-or-treating. And the following day, I remember riding with my dad in his brand new Chevy Blazer and him navigating through streets filled with more than 2 feet of snow so we could go to Panekoeken for breakfast.

That snow storm is why I'm excied that we're supposed to get up 20 inches of snow over Christmas -- starting tonight. If there was ever a memorable Christmas, I would think it would be one where we were stuck in our house and had to hang out in each other's company all day long. Or maybe it'll be memorable when it takes three hours to get to my cousins' house (which is normally about 45 minutes away). Either way -- snow makes things interesting and memorable.

The one thing I love about snow is that it forces you to slow down and relax. It's a reminder that you can't control things. It's a reminder to savor and enjoy each moment. A wicked snowstorm outside makes me want to stay in sweatpants and drink hot cocoa and cuddle with my family. And maybe I'll get a new book or movie for Christmas that I can enjoy. On Christmas, especially this year, I won't be in a rush. I'm going to enjoy the day with my family and appreciate a memorable Christmas in the making.


  1. I admit...I'm jealous...of the snow...I am nuts..haha. I know I moved to get away from the cold...but there's something special/magical/romantic about a enjoy it for me too :) I love you guys and am missing you so much right never feels right when we're not together at Christmas...but of course I understand you need to be w/your family too.

  2. I like the times we have a chance to sit inside and enjoy the snow! It probably makes us slow down more that we cannot plan the snow around holidays and events! I hope you have safe travels throughout the cities the next few days!


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