Saturday, March 9, 2013


In the car today, I was thinking of some things that were special about today and how I didn't want to forget them. But I know that inevitably as the day fades long into the past the little memories of when they occurred -- or even if they occurred at all would be forgotten. So here I am to document so i have a way to remember this day long when I am old and my kids are grown up. Even though yesterday was a rough day at work.  I know down the road the memory of the stress of work wont mean anything -- or maybe i will feel a sense of pride for making accomplishments and pushing through the battles   But it is the sweet snippets of memories from my family and friends and espevially my sweet little ones that will bring joy and warmth to my heart.

  • Owen made Heidi laugh for the first time
  • At his post tear duct probe surgery appointment, Owen's doctor said all kids should behave like Owen.  Owen was so tolerant of the doctor looking at his eyes.  
  • When I told Owen we were going to the doctor, he wanted to go to his pediatrician, Dr Judy
  • When I pulled into the parking lot for the appointment, Owen announced that we were at the doctor's office. He's only been there twice before but he definitely recognizes landmarks and places as we drive around town -- the pediatrican's office, his auntie's homes, zpap's home, the turkey hill. 
  • Owen always remembers the names to his trains. Even the most obscure ones I've never seen on the show, ie Hank and Molly
  • "miss" is owen's word for kiss
  • Dave telling Owen to give me a big hug when I got home from a long afternoon at work
  • Feed Heidi and after I sneeze, she unlatches and gives me a very serious look.  After a moment of silently staring at each other, she breaks out into a big smile. 
  • Owen asking to hold Heidi

I wrote this from my phone. So please ignore the typos and grammar

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