Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Today is a very big day for the Balow Bunch.

We're buying a new house. This is something Dave and I have wanted for a long time, and we're so excited this day is finally here! A house with a yard and enough bedrooms for the kids! It has a gorgeous wooded backyard. And it's brand new. Never thought that would happen, but everything has pretty much fallen into place perfectly once we decided that this house was the one we wanted.

It's way more exciting to say hello to our new house than to say goodbye to our old house. Even with as many memories as we've made there -- we got married, brought home two puppies, and brought home two babies. It was our first house we owned and we put our hearts into making it a home.

But we always knew that we wouldn't live in our that house forever. With no yard and only two bedrooms, we planned on only living there a few years. Even though we lived there for longer than we anticipated, I guess I always had a feeling of it being a temporary home.

Now I feel like we're moving into our "forever" home, and I love daydreaming of all the memories we'll make in our new house. This is the house that our kids will remember growing up in. This is the house that they'll leave to go to college. This is the house where we'll *hopefully* have great neighbors with lots of friends for the kids. This is the house where we'll celebrate holidays and birthdays and create our special traditions in.

This house is our home.



What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear.