Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's happening. Real conversations with Owen. And it's so fun!

Most nights part of our bedtime routine is rocking with Owen with the lights turned off. I always ask him about his day -- what he did at daycare, who he played with, what made him happy, etc. Generally, when we have these conversations, I have to ask a lot of leading questions to get him to answer. (i.e. "Did going to Papa's house make you happy?") A couple weeks ago, I asked him about circle time. He responded with one word, "posey." I had no idea what he does during circle time, so it was a real unprompted answer about something that happened in his past. And sure enough, when I asked Jen if they do "ring around the rosie" during circle time, she said yes. And the kids love falling down before the song ends.

This morning I was driving Owen to daycare and was really realizing how big his vocabulary really is getting. He saw two smoke stacks, and said, "Mama, two smokes." And at daycare, he pointed to the garage and said, "white garage." There are cranes and trucks, and a Vikings football flag, and trees and turkeys, and he points everything out to me while we drive around town.

Also this morning in the car, he was telling me about our new house. He told me that Heidi gets the crib and Owen gets his big boy bed. Two days ago he specifically requested to drive by the new house. It's so cool that he really comprehends this big change and that he's as excited about it as we are.

Apparently, I tell Owen too often that he has two minutes left to do something. Last night he started a new game trying to get more TV time before bed (for watching Thomas the Train, of course). We went back and fourth, with him saying 4 minutes (4 mitts), and myself saying 2 minutes. I'd play the game all night just to hear him say the word minute.

But for all the progress we're making on language, Owen still offers his cute pronunciations for some words as well. The oddest one is his word for water. It sounds like "fly". Don't ask me how that happened.


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