Tuesday, October 16, 2012

September Snippets (22 months)

The month of September flew by. For most of the month, we kept things pretty low key. Between the pregnancy and my allergies, I didn't have much of a desire to do too much. But we still managed to have some fun. Here's a bit of what we did, and what Owen is up to.
  • Swim lessons. Owen and Daddy started swim lessons in September. Have I ever mentioned that Owen loves the water. He still does! The hardest part we've been struggling with during swim lessons is keeping him focused on the lesson for the full 30 minutes. We've learned he does much better if I'm not there watching. He'll make it through 20 minutes, but then just wants to get out to see me. So it's kinda a bummer not to go watch, but if it gets him through his lesson, I'll make the sacrifice.
  • John's farm. We took a day trip down to John's farm. We had a great picnic lunch and Owen enjoyed hanging out with his Great Aunt Ann and eating all the delicious food. I'm pretty sure he ate a whole quart of freshly picked raspberries -- or would have if we let him. He also enjoyed the graham crackers (aka snacks) that Ann brought especially for him. And he had to make sure he had the most comfortable chair. 
  • Trains. Owen's friend Liam's birthday was at a train museum. Owen LOVED it. Trains are one of Owen's favorite things. He got to see and go in a lot of trains. He even got to see a big Thomas train. We bought him a little Thomas train to take home.
  • Apples. We enjoyed lots and lots of MN grown apples. Of course, Owen has no problem eating a whole apple (and half the core). He'll often come into the kitchen when I'm cooking or cleaning, and say, "apple, apple." 
  • Words. Owen's vocab continues to grow. He mimics singing songs and likes to repeat words. He loves saying things like Mama's car or Dada's bike -- everything is Mama's or Dada's. He even often calls us Mamas or Dadas now.

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