Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snippets (37 weeks)

Full term. We made it. Now we need to start getting serious about things like installing the car seat, getting bottles washed, etc. Because we only get to work on these projects on weekends for the most part, and there are only three weekends left until the due date. One weekend my husband will be out of town and another is Owen's birthday weekend, so our weekends before baby are already busy. Although worst case, Dave could install the car seat before we drive home from the hospital, and we probably won't try bottles for several weeks anyway.

At the last appointment (36 weeks), we had an ultrasound. It is crazy how big the baby is compared to the 20-week ultrasound. They put the wand down and boom, there is the head, or boom there is the foot. There is no way they could get the whole baby's body in one shot like they could do a couple of months ago. We had the ultrasound to double check the baby's size, since even though Owen was born healthy, he was tiny. But good news. All measurements are right on track. The weight is estimated to be over 6 pounds and 61st percentile. (Owen was less than 6 pounds at birth, so it's good that this one is already that big....and kinda crazy considering we still have three weeks until the due date). Fluid levels are good. My measurements are right on track too. The baby and I impressed the doctor with all the measurements being so spot on. I'd like to think the only thing that isn't spot on is my weight -- I've already gained the same amount this pregnancy that I did with Owen. However, considering this baby is already as big as Owen was at birth, I guess my weight gain is ok. And it's not really out of control either -- especially considering the number of trips to DQ we've been taking. lol.


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