Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snippets (34 weeks)

Sometime in the next 3-6 weeks, a baby girl will be joining our family. That's like a month, people. We're slowly getting ready. We need diapers, but the clothes have been washed and put away. We have a bassinet, but it still needs to be put in its spot. We need to re-install the infant car seat. We've bought new pink receiving blankets and a video monitor. Owen is getting ready too. Last week he stopped sleeping in the crib and started sleeping in his big boy bed. He'll pull out a bottle out of the cabinet to tell me it's for the baby.

We need a name! We can't seem to figure it out the right name for our girl. We don't like crazy names, but don't want a common name either. This is the first time we've struggled with names. We've come close a couple of times. The name has been my biggest stress this week -- especially as I'm realizing how much time we've had to pick a name and how little time we have left.

As the pregnancy is coming to an end, I'm trying my best to make the time to just treasure this pregnancy and our new baby girl. It seems our life is pretty chaotic right now, so sometimes it's hard to find those moments. I love feeling the kicks and watching my stomach roll around. While my body has been more uncomfortable throughout this entire pregnancy with Owen, I try to remember that this could very well be my last pregnancy. The kicks and the hiccups and the stomach rolls are something I may never get to experience first hand again. So this is it. 

We're looking forward to meeting our baby girl and to touch her toes and smell her new baby smell. We're excited for Owen to finally understand what the baby is all about. We're looking forward to being a family of four. We can't wait to meet you, baby girl!


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  1. Hoooooraaaaaay! This post is so dang cute.

    Hope the quiet moments start overtaking the naming stress and that you enter Motherhood: The Sequel feeling just as fabulous as you did the first time!


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