Monday, February 22, 2010

Something I should find disgusting, but I'm actually intrigued...

Yesterday, my husband was unclogging our drains. The bathtub and one of the sinks in the master bathroom were clogged. BAD. There as water sitting in sink for at least half the day on Saturday. The drain was open, but nothing was going down. I think the only way that water actually got out of our sink was by evaporating.

Clogged sinks and tubs are gross. But everyone needs to deal with it at some point.

My husband probably spent over an hour working on our drains using that spider tool or whatever it's called. A logical person would keep their distance from our bathroom as all the old gunk and hair and soap residue and grime made its way back up the pipes.

But not I.

I find that nasty stuff intriguing. I had this yearning to know how much stuff he was collecting.

The coolest part was when he was fixing our sink drain. We found treasure! Dave found a metal piece and he called me to come and look. I put on my archeoligist hat and determined it looked like the metal from a pendant. A long-lost pendant that was now decayed and gunk-covered. It was like buried treasure, pulled from the depths of the ocean. This thing wasn't even mine. It must have come from the stripper that lived in our house before us.

And then he pulled up another piece. The jewel that once sat upon the pendent.

And then he pulled up the chain that went along with it.
My very own Heart of the Ocean. IF only it were valuable.



  1. LOL...oh my dear sister in crack me up....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww

  2. you had a stripper live in your house before you guys? i hope thats true cause it would be funny! haha and when tim(my roomie) unclogs our drain from all the hair-- im right there watching :) hah so i know that like this is gross but oh so interesting feeling :)

  3. ew!

    i unclogged our drains two weeks ago, by removing the p-trap and poking out all the gunk with a skewer. seven years of accumulated toothpaste, hair, soap, and heaven knows what else. nothing as interesting as your drain. and it SMELLED, too. yuck-o.

  4. eireann -- ours smelled terrible too! It was nasty!

    Jana7h -- yes, a stripper lived in our house before us. Stay tuned for more on that!


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