Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Tell or Not to Tell...

Don't worry there is currently nothing to tell...

But lately I've been thinking about what about when that day comes -- when we get another pregnancy test, will we tell people or keep the news secret until we've reached the second trimester.

For sure we will tell our immediate family again. We've decided that.

In some ways, it makes sense to keep the news to ourselves until the second trimester. It really sucks to have to untell people you're pregnant. At the same time, it's nice to feel their support.

I imagine if we had another miscarriage, I'd want to blog about it again. It really helped me this time. I'd want people to know about that baby, just like I wanted them to know about Chubs.

Probably we'd do the same thing we did this last time. We were waiting to announce it to the world until we had our doctor's appointment and heard the heartbeat. I'm switching to a new doctor though -- instead of a doctor who wouldn't see me until I was ten weeks, my first appointment was at six weeks. So really, if all goes well, we'll hear the heartbeat a whole month earlier. So maybe the first couple of weeks, we'll just tell our immediate family and then after the six week appointment we'll start telling friends and extended family.

Sharing that we were expecting was one of the highlights of the first pregnancy. Announcing the miscarriage was one of the lowlights. Of course, I'm praying that we wouldn't have to worry about announcing another miscarriage, but going through that experience will affect some of our decisions in our next pregnancy.

This is one dilemma that I can't wait to really have to face.



  1. I look forward to you and Dave facing this dilemma as well!

  2. We wondered the same thing after our miscarriage. We didn't tell anyone we were pregnant the first time around, though, and then we miscarried and I felt like I couldn't bear to tell people. I missed my baby more than I would have ever thought and I felt like nobody could understand that pain. Then, when we got pregnant again, I felt like I couldn't stand from all the worry during the first trimester.

    I think telling people - at least your family - would have the benefit of giving you a shoulder to lean on during those first concerning weeks. But whatever you choose, I just look forward to popping in and finding out that the two of you have to worry about it at all =)

    Sarah @


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