Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacuums. Grrr.

When I first got my vacuum, I loved it. So much I even blogged about it...on my own will!! The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. True to it's name, it erased pet hair from our floor. I used it. A lot.

But less than a year later, the piece with the bristles on it that spins wore out. Where the spinning-thing connects to the vacuum, it's made out of plastic. Friction cause the plastic to melt away and the piece didn't connect very well...which made vacuuming very loud. But I loved my vacuum and was pleased that I could just buy a new piece for it.

We've had that new piece for 7 months now. And the same thing has happened again -- it actually probably happened 2 months ago!!! I'm really annoyed this time around.

Why would Bissell make the spinner attach to the vacuum with plastic?

We vacuum quite a bit, but probably a normal amount for people with pets. And since this vacuum is called the "Pet Hair Eraser," I would infer that it's for people with pets. We have the right size belt (I bought a new one when I got the new spinner). I've been really holding back on buying another new spinner, but vacuuming is making me deaf. I've been waiting to vacuum until I see clumps of dog hair on my carpet. Prolonging the noise as long as I can. Do I buy another new spinner if I need to buy new ones every six months or do I buy a new vacuum? It's still cheaper to buy the spinner, so that's probably what I'll do. But I'm NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.


  1. Have you contacted the company directly? The inventor dude in the commercials seems awfully arrogant..

  2. Seriously, a well-written letter expressing how much you loved the vacuum and how much it disappoints you now will do wonders...

  3. Thanks for the tips guys! I was looking at the reviews on Amazon for my vacuum....and it looks like A LOT of people have the same problem as me. Guess I should have read those reviews 1 1/2 years ago...

    Does anyone have a vacuum that they love or at least think is reliable?


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