Thursday, July 16, 2009

Growing forever

Last night, the family headed to one of our local Barnes & Nobles stores to see my dad at his first book signing and discussion for his book, Victory Principles. It's about World War II's Normandy Invasion and takes an indepth look at the mililary's leadership and how their leadership techniques can be applied to people in leadership roles today. Great for anyone who's interested in WWII history or leadership development!

Thanks for listening to that little sales pitch. Now back to our program. :)

In the car on our way home, Amanda was talking about how she loves getting birdies from Uncle Dave. A birdy is when she runs up to Uncle Dave and flaps her wings (er, arms). He throws her up into the air and catches her.

A: I miss when Uncle Dave worked at Home Depot.
Me: Why?
A: He gave me birdies every time I saw him.
Me: He gives you birdies every time he sees you anyway.
Rachel: Soon you're going to be too big to get birdies.
A: No, I'm not. Dave's going to keep growing, and I'm going to keep growing; so he'll always be big enough to give me birdies.

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  1. Sweet thought...but my goodness, how much bigger can that boy get?? haha


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