Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally some good news...

Okay, finally I have some good news to report. I read it this morning in the Star Tribune.

Today, the temperature might (keyword: might) reach the freezing point. Yes, you read that correctly -- the "high" temperature may hit 32 degrees in Minneapolis today! :)

According to the article, the last time the high temp was above freezing in the Twin Cities was Nov. 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving and 22 days ago...

Let's keep our fingers crossed, so that it gets that warm today!

Of course, by posting this, I probably just jinxed myself. I'll keep you posted...


  1. How sad that you get excited about those kinds of temperatures :) Some day, you'll be living down here, trying to remember why it took you so long to move!!

  2. That is way too funny...

    It was actually pretty cold here this a.m...it was so frosty it looked like it had snowed...last week we were in shorts and tshirts...go figure


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