Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Interview update...

As many of you know, I'm looking for a new job. Yesterday afternoon and this morning was spent attending second interviews for two different positions. I think they both went well!

The one this morning was mostly spent writing an internal news story based on three pages of bulleted info. So it will depend a lot on how much they liked my writing, if they continue to consider me. But I met with the HR recruiter and she went over a lot of the benefit info with me. That's probably pretty good sign.

The one yesterday....I met with three people for 20 minutes each, they all seemed like they'd be good to work with. The last guy was the head of corporate communications. He kept me for an extra 20 minutes and he kept saying, "what more can I tell you about the company?" I think that's a good sign that 1) he kept me longer and 2) wanted me to ask him questions. He said that they're interviewing about 5 more people and then will bring 2-3 back for a final interview.

For both I'm supposed to hear back next week. Please keep me in your prayers that all goes well! But even if nothing happens with these two positions, going through the whole interview process and being called back for second interviews has given me something I haven't had in a long time -- hope that I will get a new job!

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  1. To quote my favorite sister-in-law...."Hooray!!!" I'm so excited for you! These companies would be foolish not to hire you right away. Keep us posted :)


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