Monday, September 24, 2007

The Very Busy Puppy-dog

Otis is so tired from all the festivities surrounding his Grandma's trip to Minnesota. First, we had a long car ride down to Rochester. When we got there, there was so many people to sniff -- aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma and great grandma. Cousin Jana and Uncle Joe -- they have their own dogs. I can tell because I'm such a good sniffer. All the people kept me really busy, because I had to keep going around the room so everyone could pet me. It's so nice to get so much attention from so many people!

I was a really good watch dog at Great-Grandma's house. I looked out the front door and made sure that the family was safe. My favorite thing to do a Great Grandma's is running around the park that is right next door. I was being a good boy, so I even got to run without my leash.

We were only there for one day and then we had to come back home. Then I had to watch mom and dad make lasagna. I was hoping they'd drop some ground beef on the ground, so I could eat it....but they didn't do it. Then to my surprise, we had house guests! The Dobosenski's came and I had another room full of people to give me attention. Awesome! By the time they were leaving, I was struggling to keep my eyes open. My momma says that it's rude to fall asleep when guests are visiting. I tried my hardest to stay awake.

Today was a nice day. I got to recuperate and relax from my very busy weekend. I hung out in the kennel when I didn't have to be in there. Tonight we had pot roast and I was hoping I'd get some scraps. I must have been good because dad snuck me some meat under the table. Momma poured some leftover juice over my dog food. Hurray!

I had a really great time this weekend with Grandma visiting Minnesota. I love my family and friends and am glad I get to visit them!! Here's some photos we took!
Otis is his name and keeping busy is his game!


  1. Too cute - I'm impressed Otis sat still in that one pic of all of you guys....

  2. Otis is a good boy! Of course, he stays when told...

    Actually, he didn't stay still forever. When it was time for the photo of me, Dave and was play time....just like a real boy...doesn't want his photo taken when told.


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