Monday, June 7, 2010


At this time tomorrow, we'll know if we're having a boy or girl. It is so exciting and seems unreal at the same time. It just seems like a lot of things for getting ready for the baby is dependent on knowing it's gender. Getting the nursery ready. Registering for baby stuff. Buying baby clothes. Picking out a name. Get the idea?

I know all the above can be done without knowing the gender....but since we are going to find out, it just makes sense to wait to do it all until we know.

Whatever Boo is, both Dave and I are going to be thrilled.

Wouldn't it be funny if Boo decides to be shy tomorrow....I'm guessing that will be the case.

We've really enjoyed reading everyone's guesses about the gender. Thanks for helping us pass the time until the big reveal. The results...

Girl - 18
Boy - 16

So close! There is still a little bit of time left for you to guess if you haven't yet! You can guess here.


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  1. Yay...soooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!! Now if you call and I don't answer, keep calling back - we'll be on the road and cell service is pretty spotty in the mountains. Hooray!!!


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