Friday, June 4, 2010

A golden birthday

Today our first born, our little guy, Otis is celebrating his golden birthday! He's four years old. Which means in dog years, he's the same age as Dave and I! We were so excited for little Otis to join our family. We'd been waiting for years to get a dog. But we waited and waited until we had our own house. And then we waited for after all the wedding craziness to bring this guy home. He was such a cute pup -- he still is so handsome. His little soul patch is gone. It's morphed into more of a beard. He still loves to sleep. He loves attention. He loves people. He loves cuddling. He loves treats. I love Otis and I'm so glad he's our pup.


Don't forget to vote on what gender you think Boo is. You can guess here.

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