Thursday, June 11, 2009

Catch up...

All of a sudden things went crazy around I haven't blogged at all. But I think we're back to normal now, so that's good for me. And you guys -- cuz I'm back!!

Here's what's been going on with us...

  • The day after Dave's grandma passed away, Dave's parents and sisters flew in to town from North Carolina. We picked them up and the airport and caravanned down to Rochester (Dave and his sisters were in one car and I was in the other car with my in-laws and Otis and Cooper). We stayed in Rochester until the wake, funeral and burial were all done. It was amazing to see all the love and support from all of Louise's friends and family. She had more than 150 people at her funeral -- not bad for an 87-year-old. I'd be happy with half that many at my funeral. We also went to go see Dave's Great-Aunt Hazel while we were down in Rochester. She's living in a nursery home and has dementia, and it was the first time I've visited her since she had forgotten a lot of her memory. It was bittersweet when I said good-bye and she told me, "Say hi to the little ones." One thing that I really witnessed was how a family grow closer together while experiencing hard times. Not only could you see it happen between Dave's aunts and uncles, but I too felt like I bonded so much with all of Dave's family over the days we spent together. And I know that puts a smile on Grandma Louise's face.
  • Otis turned 3! Our little puppy is no more. My little boy is growing up. *tear*. Actually, I was looking forward to taking Otis to the dog park on his birthday and giving him a special rawhide present, but the day came and went and I totally forgot it was his birthday. I'm a terrible mom! Good thing he's a dog and probably didn't know that it was his special day anyway.
  • I got the flu! Not the swine flu though. But it zapped my energy for a couple of days, so I'm glad I got over it quickly.
  • On the same day, it was my sister's birthday (I won't say how old she turned) and we went to a graduation party for Dave's cousin, Ellen. It happened to be super cold and rainy. Later that night we went to see Angels and Demons. After the movie, we were walking through the dark parking lot and it was still misty/raining some. Guess what I proceeded to do? As we were walking from the parking lot and onto a curb, I walked straight in to a sprinkler. Yes, one that was on. My pants got wet. Very wet. Dave laughed. I laughed.
  • I bought tickets to visit my sister in LA in September!! I'm really excited to visit. She's lived there for almost two years now and it's only my first time going to see her. I'm hoping to take in a tour of her studio ( she owns it...actually she just works there) and also to visit the beach and see some famous people. Maybe I'll get to see a taping of a show or something like that (Stevie and my dad went to Leno and sat in the 2nd row a couple of months ago).
That's pretty much it, I guess. It doesn't seem like it's been so busy when I write it down, but between the funeral and the flu, I either been not at home or exhausted.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The sun is back today!!! Hooray!

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  1. Once of your blog posts had me crying in the beginning and laughing at the end! I know Grandma would have been so pleased ..her funeral was beautiful and so many poeople loved her...she will be missed. And as hard of a time as it was...I loved the bonding and I hope it will continue.
    And then reading about you walking into the sprinkler made me laugh out in the heck did you manage to do that?!? lol At least it was after the movie and not before...that would've really sucked! luv u!


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