Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another week flies by...

It seems like my blog posts have been slowing down to just one or two a week. Life seems to be criss-crossing between super busy and super boring -- although much more of the super busy. This past week was more of the super boring variety. Lots of work...but then just coming home and relaxing with the boys. I've also had a sore throat most of the week, so I've been trying to lay low in hopes that it doesn't turn into full-blown cold.

Today there's a rain/ice/snow storm, so we've deliberately decided to stay home most of the day. Luckily, the roads didn't start getting bad until after church. The great part of having storms is that it forces you to relax and to enjoy the season. If it wasn't snowing, I'd probably be running around doing errands. Instead I wrapped some Christmas presents and did some shopping online (oops...I accidentally shipped Anthony's present here...and the whole purpose of buying it online was so I didn't have to pack it!) Dave's watching the Vikings game. I fixed some of the remaining Christmas ornaments that needed ornament hangers (I improvised with some ribbon). I can't quite say that I'm all cozy and warm in my home -- the truth is that my feet and hands are freezing. But I guess it's much warmer inside that outside!!!

Yesterday was not so relaxing. Melissa and I met in the morning at Caribou and then went to the gym for yoga class (did I mention I've given up caffeine!!! I had a delicious hot apple blast). Afterwards, I went straight to Becky's house for Amanda's b-day party. Of course a watermelon cake was requested! I brought the cake and iced it at the party. The girls love helping put the jelly beans and chocolate chips on it, so of course everyone got a chance to help. Deborah asked all the kids who had been sick in the passed week to raise their hands. I think all put one kid put their hands in the air. Great! At least they washed hands first. And they actually listened when we told them not to lick their fingers until they were all done helping. Becky took some pics, so hopefully she'll email me some. Then I went to my parents house to hang out with my dad for 20 minutes or so and to give them a USB cord for their printer. Then I went home and got the dogs and we went to Belle Plaine. We went to visit the person who'll be dog-sitting the boys when we go to North Carolina. I always hate leaving the dogs and am apprehensive about where they I had to visit the house first. I decided that it should work well for the boys. The house has three dogs and two cats -- so they obviously like pets...and the woman works at a vet clinic. They have a fenced-in yard, and I know Otis and Cooper will enjoy being able to run outside anytime. In fact, I have a feeling they'll be asking for one for Christmas (well, if they could talk they would). Dave and I decided to go to El Loro for dinner. I have a new favorite meal there! Burritos Mexicanos. Well, I guess it's basically a pre-made fajita...but with a creamy white-queso sauce on top. Yum! And I got left-overs in the fridge, which I may go heat up now. Hooray!

This next week will be busy. A holiday party for work and a holiday get-together for book club. It's the last full week of work until Christmas. Hooray! Hooray!


  1. Busy busy! I will have to remember to request a Jenny-made watermelon cake for some event ;)

  2. Just wanted to rub it in real good. This week it is going to be above 70 + degrees here,but another cold front will be here remind use that winter is still around.Hope you will get some of the beautiful weather for your visit.Oh I forgot bring the watermelon cake you can just stuff it in your baggage.. Ha Ha...


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