Friday, September 23, 2011

Owen's first summer is officially over. :(

I can't believe it's fall already. It's the season we'll celebrate Owen's first birthday! My boy should not be that big already! He had been battling a little cold this week and I've never seen Owen so cuddly. It's so sweet to get all the snuggles, but I want him to feel better.

So what are we up to this fall? Here's what I'm looking forward to doing with my family.

  • Go to the apple orchard and pick apples (we've already done this. lol.)
  • Celebrate Owen's first birthday! Eat cake!
  • Volunteer in the church nursery. (It's Owen's first job!)
  • Play with leaves
  • Go to ECFE class (that stands for Early Childhood Family Education). I did pre-natal yoga with several of the moms, and we did BYOB (baby) yoga, infant massage and other ECFE classes, so it's fun seeing all the babies that are Owen's age grow up alongside him.
  • Run (maybe I'll finally use the jogging stroller for it's intended purpose)
  • Vacation with Dave (DONE! We had an awesome vacation to Washington D.C. last weekend).
  • Camp (DONE! We did this a couple weeks ago and it was really fun).
  • Dog park (it won't be long before it's cold and snowy, so we need to do this a couple of times this fall).
  • Go trick-or-treating
  • Go to North Carolina for Thanksgiving and Lillian's 2nd birthday (tickets are bought, so we're going!)
  • More zoo visits
  • Children's museum? I think Owen would like the baby room, so we might try it out...although I think he'll get more out of it as he gets older.
  • See Owen take his first steps? Each day he's getting better at pulling himself up and standing...but it seems that walking is still a ways off. But it's probably not that far off, since he's one in October, huh?
I think that's a lot. Hopefully, I blog again before I report in on the results of this list, but the chances are pretty slim. lol.


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