Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Full of Thanks

The little man is sleeping, so I can blog again! I wanted to write a Thanksgiving post, but that day was a little crazy and I enjoyed the long weekend hanging out with my husband and child. So here's that post now.

I am thankful for...

my son who is my everything.
my body that feeds and nourishes my son.
my husband loves and cares for me.
my parents who support me unconditionally.
my sisters who are great friends.
my parent- and sis-in-laws who consider me one of their own.
my grandparents for their health.
my friends who stand by my side.
my house that provides me shelter.
my job that provides me with security.
time off work to bond with my boy.
food that gives me energy and strength.
sleep that refreshes my body.
faith. life. love.


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