Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lucky Day

Today's been a great day. It started off normal. Got up at a decent time...(yesterday I woke up at 4:00 a.m. unable to sleep because I could breath...stupid allergies). Went to work. Something was a little off when I noticed some of the lights were out and the big sign by the elevators that said, "Elevators broken. Do not touch. Elevator company has been called." I wasn't too thrilled to see that sign. I work on the sixth floor and this pregnant lady wasn't looking forward to climb up all those stairs. But as I started climbing up the first stairwell, I saw someone who worked on my floor. She informed me that the power was out and might not be back on until noon. So I quickly got out of the stairs and started calling some of my co-workers to see what the plan was for the day. Eventually, I found out that I got to go home (HR didn't want me climbing up all those stairs)...and I'd get a call when the power came back so that I could go in. The power ended up taking longer to get back on than anticipated (I actually don't even know if it's back on yet), so I got the whole day off without taking PTO. Woo woo! It's like I landed on the Free Parking space in Monopoly. Dave was home today too, so we took the dogs on a walk, went to Caribou for a while, put the crib skirt and sheets on Boo's bed, enjoyed a home-made lunch and watched some Good Will Hunting.

Today was even better because we had a doctor's appointment. Boo is still looking good and healthy. I'm measuring right on track and Boo's heart rate was 134 bpm. There was a medical student shadowing my doctor today, so we got to hear Boo's heart rate twice. Once from the student and once from my doctor. So once again, I got lucky today and heard Boo's heartbeat two times!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. I officially only have 8 weeks until Boo's due date. The pregnancy is still going well overall. My biggest complaint right now is my allergies. My pregnancy is making them worse, because I can't take my normal medicine. But I'd be dealing with allergies this time of year pregnant or not. So honestly, I can't blame that on the pregnancy. Of course, I'm still feeling Boo kick. But it's turning more into a stretching/pushing out my stomach feeling that jabbing kicks. I guess that's because he's running out of room inside me. For the most part, I'm still fairly comfortable. There's been a couple of time when Boo's pushes himself up against my ribs, but that's hasn't been too often.

The rest of our week will be pretty nice too. Since we had the holiday Monday and the "free" day off today and I have plans to take Friday off, I'll only have to work two days this week. And tomorrow we're going to the Twins game. Lots of fun for Boo, Dave and I!


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  1. That's awesome! When I talked to Dave I told him I hoped they didn't get the power back on all day so you'd get the whole day off!


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