Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm alive and well...

I've gotten a couple of comments from people lately telling me that they're disappointed in me.

Say what?!

Apparently, people like my blogging and look for new posts every day.

My excuse for not blogging is my Blackberry. Before the Blackberry, at some point in the evening, I would get on the computer to check Facebook and then I would blog. Well now I can check Facebook all I want really easily with my phone, so I don't use the computer at home very often. Technically, I can blog from my Blackberry. In fact, I've done it once or twice. But it's just not the easiest way to type long posts.

My other excuse is I've been travelling. I've been to North Carolina and New Jersey in just a matter of a couple weeks. And I was sick between the two trips. I have some fun stuff to blog about from those trips. One of those trips even involved a celebrity sighting and possibly a cameo on a TV show! I've just been lazy about gathering and typing my thoughts about them. But at least you know, there is something to look forward to reading here at The Balow Bunch.

Anyway, I am at work right now. So I can't blog for long. Just wanted to say hi. And give my "fans" (haha) something to read when they stop by my blog today.

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  1. Although I missed seeing new Jenny blogs I was secretly happy to see I am not the only one who cannot keep up with blogging these days! Glad you are doing well!


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