Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scrapbook weekend!!

Scrapbook weekend was a blast and I have some pics to prove it! I brought my friend Krissy along. Actually she drove Gina and myself up to the cabin Friday weekend. I had no idea that this would be such an organized affair!! When we went into the basement all the tables were set-up. After dinner, we each received goody bags with all the scrapbook essentials -- some paper, a glue-stick, some Tylenol and chocolate! I hadn't really scrapbooked in 3 or 4 months, so I had stored up lots and lots of scrapbooking energy. Friday night, I stayed up until 1 or so in the morning scrapbooking the whole time. Saturday after breakfast we scrapbooked all day, except for some breaks for lunch and dinner. Saturday night we did a drawing for the door prizes. Later, Krissy, Gina, Andee and I went into the hot tub that was outside on the deck. And later, we had ice cream sundaes. Once again, we stayed up until the early morning hours scrapbooking. And we spent another 2-3 hours scrapbooking Sunday morning before packing up, cleaning and leaving for home. I worked on my wedding scrapbook. Although it was a couple of years ago, completing the scrapbook is on my things to do. I only have a couple of pages left, so hopefully I can find some spare time to finish it soon. And I'm voting for another scrapbook weekend in late winter!

Oh, the things you'll see in Minnesota's small towns [during deer hunting season.]

Welcome to Emily, MN

Our cabin. We were roughing it, don't you think?

The view of the lake from the deck. It's hard to tell, but it's covered with ice.

Scrapbooking pics....

The holiday card Gina made. Katrina had made a bunch of cards and was teaching us the patterns. BTW...Andee has a new-found love for card-making.

Lisa working hard on her card.

Andee won one of the door prizes.

Grandma Rose drawing the names. Coincidentally, Andee was mixing up the names. lol.

Jody serving dinner and laughing about something. Good times!


  1. Looks like so much fun. I hope I can come next time!!

  2. That cabin is gorgeous!! I agree with Katie...I think it would be fun to come next time :)

    How about we plan a winter (not this year) scrapbook retreat in NC????

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics,they were all good and I enjoyed looking at them.

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